No crowds? No problem. Roanoke rockers record concert with no fans for fundraiser

ROANOKE, Va. – What is a concert without an audience? In the case of Dr Pepper Park’s Saturday performances, it’s a fundraiser to support local businesses in the time of COVID-19.

Four bands took the stage to absolutely no fans for Rock To The Rescue. The venue did not allow more than ten people inside the grounds at a time because of social distancing guidelines.

The performances were taped by Blue Ridge PBS and will start airing on the network Wednesday night. The concert videos will encourage viewers to donate money; 75 percent of the proceeds will go directly to downtown Roanoke businesses.

Dr Pepper Park director Waynette Anderson hopes the concerts fill a void both financially and entertainment-wise.

“People are used to seeing these local bands play at bars, restaurants, festivals, and here," Anderson said. "Since there is no public assembly, this is something they can look forward to.”

You can donate to Rock To The Rescue at this link.

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