‘Whatever it takes’: Churches turn to livestreaming as coronavirus clears out sanctuaries

FINCASTLE, Va. – The coronavirus has caused large in-person gatherings across Virginia to scale down, but several churches are virtually uniting their congregations instead.

Fincastle Baptist Church is among the churches now livestreaming sermons in lieu of a Sunday service.

“One of our themes here is, ‘Whatever it takes,’" said Fincastle Baptist Church Pastor Kevin Cummings. "Whatever it takes to get the good news of Jesus out, we’re willing to do it.”

Fincastle Baptist has streamed its services online for the past two years, but it took on a new significance after a person in the church’s hometown tested positive for COVID-19.

“The first case in Southwest Virginia was right here in Fincastle," Cummings said during his sermon. "People are freaking out. They’re tempted to be fearful, worried, anxious, and panicked.”

Cummings believes churches play an essential role in times of crisis. He said it is the responsibility of religious leaders to spread their faith to the people since the people cannot congregate inside.

“We don’t need to be present and under the roof of the church to be the church,” Cummings said.

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