Local restaurants adapting to takeout, delivery during Coronavirus pandemic

Restaurants in our area have to make some tough decisions in accordance with new regulations

Local restaurant adapting to life during Coronavirus pandemic
Local restaurant adapting to life during Coronavirus pandemic

ROANOKE, Va. – Restaurants in the Commonwealth have to make tough decisions after new regulations in response to the Coronavirus. Some, like Farmburguesa, are staying open and offering delivery as a way to weather the storm.

The owners say they never could have imagined they would face this, but they already offer takeout and delivery from their Grandin and Vinton locations.

Owner, Jimmy Delgado, says “It’s a new challenge. Definitely, we’re going through difficult times, and we’re trying to adapt.”

When asked if they think they can stay open long, Delgado replied,"So far, we’ve made it work. We have been able to keep our employees working through this."

Virginia ABC now allows restaurants to deliver beer too.

Farmburguesa, in addition to delivering burgers, is selling some of its inventory of beef directly to customers.