‘You’ve got to stay inside’: Radford student responds after classmate has positive coronavirus test

She likely contracted it while traveling for spring break; did not come onto Radford’s campus during diagnosis

Concerns after Radford University student tests positive for COVID-19
Concerns after Radford University student tests positive for COVID-19

RADFORD, Va. – The coronavirus crisis has officially reached Radford University and senior Shelton Lewis hopes his fellow Highlanders start taking the disease seriously now that they are back in Radford.

“You can’t come out here and think your immune system is going to fight off the coronavirus," Lewis said. "Everyone is hurt from it. Everyone. You’ve got to stay inside.”

The university announced a female student likely contracted the coronavirus while traveling for spring break, but showed symptoms upon her return to Radford.

She is the first confirmed coronavirus case in the New River Valley.

The university took several precautions before she tested positive, including moving all classes online and restricting main buildings to students and staff.

Lewis said he hopes other students now understand the precautions are in place for a reason.

“Now, we really need to take it seriously," Lewis said. “I don’t party, but a lot of people do party, and they’re still partying. It’s a big deal. Only come out for what you need, but other than that, please stay indoors. You don’t want to get sick.”

In a note sent to students, Radford University said the student who tested positive has not come onto campus since their return from spring break. Since the student is in self-quarantine, the university considers them a low risk to infect other students.