Botetourt County outlines plans for the rest of the school year

There will be pass or fail grades, not traditional grades

BOTETOURT CO., Va. – Botetourt County outlined how they plan on handling changes for the rest of the school year, with in person classes cancelled.

Superintendent Dr. Lisa Chen says they will begin new learning the week of April 6. She says there are still areas of the county that can’t get internet so there will be paper packets sent home for those students as well. Details on that will be coming at a later date.

There will be pass or fail grades given for the 4th quarter, not traditional grades. Dr. Chen says pass means you demonstrated new learning and completed work on time.

“To earn a 'P' at any level k through 12 a student would need to show and demonstrate completion of work and submission of evidence. An 'F' at any grade level particularly the high school would mean the student did not complete his or her work and the quarter 3 grade would remain the same for the end-of-course final grade. No decision has been made as to what the 'P' or 'F' will translate in,” said Chen.

High school staff are working to see what credits seniors still need to graduate on time.

“If your child is on track to graduate, COVID-19 will not be a hindrance. One proposal from the high school administration team is to provide students who earn a 'P' with not only earning a credit but also a 100 for quarter 4. If a student however were to earn an 'F' then whatever grade the student earned in quarter 3 would be his or her final end of course grade for that class,” said Dr. Chen.

“We want to make sure whatever we do does is in the best interest of all students, particularly not negatively impacting any student in his or her student of being a valedictorian or salutatorian” said Dr. Chen in a recorded message to families Thursday afternoon.

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