Classes cancelled, local family holds graduation in the kitchen

Families find creative ways to still honor their graduates

BOTETOURT CO., Va. – Many graduation ceremonies for high school and college seniors have been cancelled or postponed and that’s heartbreaking for so many including one local family.

“When we got the news on Monday from the governor that school was canceled for the rest of the year I’m not going to lie, I cried. I think it’s just as a mom we have all these milestones for our kids. Their first tooth, they start walking, they start kindergarten, middle school, high school and then it all ends with that graduation ceremony and that kind of wraps up high school,” said Tiffany Bradbury, who’s daughter was set to graduate in May.

But some like the Bradbury family are finding creative ways to still honor their graduates.

Emma is a senior at Lord Botetourt High School and plans to attend Roanoke College in the fall.

Her dad Kevin, while eating a cookie, gives her a diploma as she walks across their kitchen. Pomp and Circumstance was playing in the background. As she accepts the diploma and walks out of the room, their two dogs follow behind her.

Emma was going to graduate with honors with a 3.8 GPA.

Tiffany says Emma is taking the school closures and changes much better than she is.

“Even though things weren’t going to be what they thought we they were going to be we’re still going to try to make things special for her. I think a lot of us parents are like that. I feel for the teachers because I know that these kids become your kids and you didn’t get to have that closure with them too,” said Tiffany Bradbury.

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