'These are all our heroes’: Live Pure donates smoothie cubes to Centra staff

Live Pure donated four boxes full of the 1-inch square smoothie cubes

LYNCHBURG, Va – Nurses and doctors are constantly on-the-go, especially with extra strain from helping patients with the coronavirus.

Live Pure in Lynchburg wanted to help Centra staff make a quick and healthy meal.

On Wednesday, one of the owners donated four boxes full of the 1-inch square cubes made up of fruits and vegetables ready to be blended into smoothies.

This is the second delivery from the group.

“It’s the least we can do. These are all our heroes. We know it every day and for some reason sometimes we forget about it,” said Tiffany Tatom, co-owner of Live Pure.

“It’s one thing we need to be able to do is keep our staff healthy during this time. That’s one thing this offers without having to go buy fast food,” said Robbie Brice, managing director of emergency services with Centra.

Live Pure owners say for every bag purchased, they will sponsor a smoothie cube for someone else.