How to talk to your kids about coronavirus restrictions

Parents should have a simple, honest conversation with kids

ROANOKE, Va. – Change can be hard to accept, especially for kids who are used to a routine.

Maria Ferrone, the owner of Creative Kids Childcare in Bonsack, is spearheading a change that goes against everything she’s ever taught.

“Where we want to share with our friends, we don’t hit our friends, we hug our friends, so now the rules have changed,” said Ferrone

Child care facilities across the region have been working hard to keep kids safe and socially distant during the coronavirus pandemic.

From playing with blocks to eating lunch, things are looking different. Lunchtime is now happening in the classroom rather than the cafeteria.

Another challenge they face is explaining the “why” behind all of the changes.

Dr. Tara Mitchell, a licensed clinical psychologist, said the best way to approach these changes is through a simple, yet honest conversation with children.

“Well there’s this thing called a virus going around and you can think of it like little bugs or these germs that you can’t see and they live on doorknobs and different surfaces and so we want to wash our hands a lot and we want to keep our distance with other people,” said Mitchell, on how to talk with children about the disease.

She also said parents should feel free to give their kids some extra snuggle time at night to make up for the lack of positive touch they are receiving throughout the day. Of course, she warns that parents need to be practicing proper hygiene during this time.

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