Roanoke filmmakers launch #RoanokeStrong in response to COVID-19 shutdowns

Neil Fox and Jacob Dellinger want to rally the community to come back stronger than ever

ROANOKE, Va. – Two Roanoke filmmakers are switching gears to help their community.

Neil Fox and Jacob Dellinger have some free time now with business slowing down. So, they’ve turned to what they know best — home.

The pair are capturing empty streets, stores and restaurants of Downtown Roanoke. They’re editing it all together for an online video which they hope encourages people to shoot their own videos and be ready to get things back to normal.

“We know these are trying and uneasy times and we just want to empathize with everyone as well, so if you can use the #RoanokeStrong and send in your videos and hopefully we’ll use these in a project in the future once this is over with to document the times and show how we got through it,” Fox said.

The duo also wants people to be able to look back on the video to remember in the future what this was like. They hope to have the video posted on the MNF Productions Facebook page in the next few days.

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