Vinton plant makes fabric for PPE, including for gowns

Precision Fabrics Group in Vinton is making valuable equipment in the fight against COVID-19

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – A local plant is helping to make some of the most valuable equipment in the battle against COVID-19.

Precision Fabrics Group, or PFG, in Vinton, makes the fabric for some personal protective equipment (PPE) used by medical professionals, which includes operating room gowns. Doctors and nurses use them, and now they’re in high demand for use around potential COVID-19 patients.

It’s already a 24/7 operation, and now it’s producing even more than before. 200 people are working 12-hour shifts. Plant manager Mike Maust calls them “heroes.”

“As proud as we are of the folks who come in and out of this building every day, this community should be equally proud that these folks are literally on the leading edge, on the front end of this fight with COVID-19,” said Maust. “They’re fighting the war and they are braving the battle to come to work every day, and they know there is a purpose there because they are literally saving lives every day they are coming to work.”

For now, business is booming.

“We’re really excited about the future,” Maust said.

PFG is following the CDC recommendations, including enforcing social distancing inside the plant.