'It’s a no-brainer kind of decision’: RVs for MDs Facebook group helps local doctors, nurses stay isolated

Richmond man loans RV Lynchburg doctor for free

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Dr. Justin Rizer is on the front lines at Centra emergency rooms in Lynchburg and Farmville.

He’s treated patients who had COVID-19 symptoms but tested negative.

“It feels scary because you feel like you’re bringing this COVID, this coronavirus, back home every time. Even if you take precautions with masks, PPE and gloves and other stuff,” Rizer said.

Protecting his family is at the front of his mind every time he comes home.

Rizer has two young daughters and his wife Angela has an auto-immune disease, which could put her at risk.

“I keep my work shoes in a bag in the car. I exchange them out without touching them in the bag, and as soon as I get home I don’t even say ‘Hi,’ I just take a shower,” Rizer said.

Angela found a Facebook a group called “RVs for MDs” which is connecting RV owners to medical staff who could use a safe place to sleep, away from their families.

“I feel hopeful that we will be able to stay safe. He so far has not had to use the RV. I know that’s coming as this continues to move into Lynchburg a little more,” Angela Rizer said.

Thanks to the group, the Rizers met Gregory Williams from Richmond, who drove nearly twohours to deliver his RV to the family for free.

“It’s a no-brainier kind of decision. I had an RV that I wasn’t going to be using anytime soon. Somebody needed it… they’re the real heroes,” Williams said.

Williams even stocked the RV with toilet paper. And at no cost, he’s letting the Rizers use it as long as they need.

"It’s just amazing and it shines a bright light into what’s going on today,” Rizer said.

Williams encourages any RV owner to help out health care workers.

The Facebook group has connected more than 20,000 Americans so far.

In the commonwealth there’s been hundreds of people offering their campers, trailers as homes, including Julie Barger from Lynchburg.

She’s offering her 1972 Shasta 16-foot long trailer as a home for any doctor or nurse who is on the front lines, potentially coming in contact with the virus.

“I have a camper that’s being stored. I’m not using now. I usually use it for music festivals. Those are all canceled. So, I’d like to be of help if I can at all,” Barger said.

If you want to join the group, click here.

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