Kroger adding customer restrictions, you may not even notice

Hundreds of people will still be allowed in the stores at a time

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ROANOKE, Va. – Following other stores, Kroger announced that beginning Tuesday, it will enact restrictions on how many people can be in one of its stores at a time.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to go first thing in the morning or you’ll be waiting in line all day.

Under Kroger’s new reduced capacity limits, the number will be 1 person per 120 square feet. This is half the standard building capacity for a grocery store.

Here’s a list of five Kroger stores, their square footage, and what the limit will be:

  • Kroger @ Brambleton Ave and Electric Road - 55,469 square feet - 462 people
  • Kroger at 4404 Brambleton Avenue - 60,228 square feet - 502 people
  • Bonsack Kroger - 83,159 square feet - 693 people
  • Blacksburg Kroger (University City Blvd) - 54,635 square feet - 455 people
  • Christiansburg Kroger - 85,239 square feet - 710 people

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