Lynchburg citizen group preparing a COVID-19 separation facility

COVID-19 Citizens Response Center located in Campbell County

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A COVID-19 separation facility sign is getting the attention of drivers along Mount Athos Road in Campbell County.

A citizen’s response group is behind the effort.

COVID-19 citizens response group
COVID-19 citizens response group (WSLS)

Oliver Kuttner, group organizer, says should positive cases grow exponentially in the Hill City, they want to be prepared.

The group bought a lot in Campbell County and is now ready to receive dozens of RVs which could eventually house sick people, isolating them the public.

“Right now, there are RV’s in the 200-mile radius that could come here and this could essentially be a village of RVs,” Kuttner said.

“In order for us personally I want to do what I can to really help make a difference once we reach that critical point,” Jack Edma, co-organizer, said.

Kuttner said they’ve created a website to educate people.