Former Hokie going viral with his living room dance parties

Millions around the world stream his music mix

BALTIMORE, Md. – A Virginia Tech alumnus is making waves around the world on social media during this crisis.

Chris Kopec, otherwise known as DJ Kopec, is virtually turning living rooms into dance floors.

Dance parties have played out in living rooms around the world thanks to Kopec.

Posted by DJ Kopec on Saturday, March 21, 2020

"Music always brings everyone together," said Kopec.

He has taken what he knows and loves, music, and has turned it into a means to make people smile and laugh.

“It was week one of just starting of the quarantine and kid's school was canceled that day and my work was having all kinds of changes, all the news was really negative, so we said let's go down to the basement and fire up the DJ gear and just have a little family dance party, but we didn't know it would go to this," Kopec said.

That small Kopec family dance-a-thon in the basement on a Friday night was just step one.

The next night, DJ Kopec invited others to join on Facebook.

To his surprise, a million people around the world streamed his musical mix and families started sending him videos of their kiddos dancing the night away.

“We had 26,000 live for almost two hours straight and so I was qualifying that is like a stadium. I was like, we filled half of Lane Stadium,” Kopec said.

He didn't just deliver joy to millions, but raised enough money to deliver 500 pizzas to first responders.

“While there's so much negative going on there's been so many bright spots of activity,” Kopec said. “There's nothing better than seeing families be together and that's the one positive thing we've seen a lot.”

DJ Kopec is hosting another dance party this Saturday, April 11. This time, he’s raising money to feed hospital staff on the front lines.

You can donate by searching for “DJ Kopec”on Venmo.

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