Good Samaritan buys lunch for Carilion Clinic’s emergency medicine department

Blue Haven Financial bought 120 Mission BBQ meals for Carilion Clinic’s emergency medicine department

ROANOKE, Va. – As doctors and nurses at Carilion Clinic continue to fight COVID-19, a Good Samaritan ensured they would not do so on an empty stomach.

Chris Mason and his company, Blue Haven Financial, bought 120 meals from Mission BBQ for Carilion Clinic’s emergency medicine department. The restaurant delivered half of the meals during lunchtime on Wednesday, then dropped off the rest later on for the night shift workers.

Mason said he wanted to do whatever he could to help healthcare workers during the crisis. He originally planned to send them all gift cards to use at a restaurant, but decided to send meals instead after talking to a friend who works at Carilion.

“The staff there does not have time when they’re busy to step away and actually get a meal," Mason said. He told me actually having meals delivered to the emergency department is the best way to help out, so that’s what we went with.

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