Giles Tech Center 3D prints PPE pieces needed for Giles Carilion Community Hospital

Teachers were happy to help hospital workers

Giles Tech Center
Giles Tech Center (WSLS 10)

GILES COUNTY, Va. – A New River Valley community is coming together to do what it can to protect front line health care workers. Students may be out of school, but teachers and staff at the Giles Technical Center are hard at work to help.

County Administrator Chris McKlarney reached out to the Giles Technical Center Principal Kevin White asking for help to 3D print a coupling piece needed for personal protective equipment at Carilion Hospital in Pearisburg.

Just days after the request, all 10 pieces needed were made and delivered.

“The hospital has been fantastic at supporting the tech center in our nursing program here, and any way we can help them out is a wonderful opportunity,” White said.

3D print by Giles County Technical Center
3D print by Giles County Technical Center (WSLS 10)

Kayla Evans, the drafting instructor at Giles County Tech Center, said the pieces were fairly easy to create, and she was happy to help.

“It’s phenomenal. Anytime you can do anything to help the community out, it makes you feel on top of the world,” Evans said. She said she only wishes that the students were in session right now to be part of the process. She said this was a good example of how important skills taught at the Giles Tech Center are to students and their future careers.

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