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In a time of social distancing, Bedford man becomes a shining example to his neighbors

Wayne Lanham holds a light show for the Farmer family almost every night

Neighborhood light show in Bedford County
Neighborhood light show in Bedford County

FOREST, Va. – In these last couple weeks of social distancing Karly Farmer, Wesley and Jackson’s mom, has had some help with keeping her boys entertained.

"Because we haven't been doing too much or interacting with a ton of people. They of course look forward to Wayne's show and seeing him and his wife throughout the day,” Farmer said.

Almost every night before bed, the Farmer boys can faithfully count on their neighbor, Wayne Lanham, to give them the best light show they’ve seen.

It originally started with the 78-year-old waving good night from his kitchen window.

“It has been a lot of fun,” Lanham said.

Lanham then stepped his game up with lights, a whole lot of them.

A Wayne Lanham Light Show
A Wayne Lanham Light Show

“A head lamp that blinks and a string of Christmas lights that I plugged in,” Lanham said.

Wayne is retired but holds many titles including being a volunteer chaplain for local fire departments.

Once the pandemic hit his schedule changed.

"In a crisis like we've never seen before to look around and find some positive things to do find some funny things to do. Use your imagination,”

And the boys are loving his imagination.

"What I love about Wayne’s show (is) looking out the window and seeing Wayne’s flashlights,” said 5-year-old Wesley.

While some will call the pandemic a dark time in history, the Farmers think differently because they’re counting on someone to shed some light into their lives.

"I’ve got to start coming up with some more new light ideas. I’m kind of running out, but I’m going to work on it,” Lanham said.

Another Wayne Lanham light show
Another Wayne Lanham light show