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Coronavirus support group created for Roanoke moms on Facebook proves to be big help

Group helping address a variety of needs

Roanoke MOMS Survive Corona.
Roanoke MOMS Survive Corona. (WSLS)

ROANOKE, Va. – A Facebook support group created to help local mothers through the coronavirus outbreak is proving to be a big help.

Peg McGuire created Roanoke MOMS Survive Corona to help mothers find babysitting, but it has since helped with a whole lot more.

“It’s just grown into women trying to find toilet paper and their sanity,” McGuire said. “Now that the nonprofits are up and running and can give the people the food that they need and help them as much as they can, we’re seeing a little less of the acute food need. But the mental illness, domestic violence, those needs are still hitting.”

As of Friday, the group had over 3,200 members.

“We really have to just give each other grace and mercy. That’s what we really talk about in the group. Let’s not do any of the average mom-shaming that you see online. Let’s not talk politics or bring in policy issues," said McGuire.

Seeing so many people be so helpful to each other in the group is heartwarming, she said, but also creates a feeling of helplessness because everyone is stuck at home.