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‘God told me to feed these truckers’: Motorcycle ministry thanks drivers with free meals at I-81 truck stop

Motorcycle ministry serves free meals to I-81 truckers
Motorcycle ministry serves free meals to I-81 truckers

PULASKI COUNTY, Va. – Many industries have slowed down because of COVID-19, but truckers are still going full speed, even if they can’t find a place to eat these days.

“Some of the places, they don’t serve food any more," said trucker Leandra Hayes. "We have to get snacks, like sardines, little noodles and crackers.”

Faith Ryders Motorcycle Ministry decided to cook truckers a more filling meal on Saturday. The motorcycle riders set up a grill at the Lancers Travel Plaza off of Interstate 81 near Dublin, and served truckers free hamburgers and hot dogs in appreciation of their service.

“Something hit me this week," said Chris Shaw of Faith Ryders. "I pondered on it for a couple of days, and God told me, ‘Feed these truckers.’”

Shaw says the ministry collected more than $600 dollars worth of donations for the meals, as well as encouraging notes to pass on to the truckers.

Hayes said he was in the middle of a drive from Syracuse, New York to his home in Statesville, North Carolina when he heard about the free food over his CB radio. He immediately decided to pull in, because he did not have any food before leaving Syracuse.

“This here will hold me until I get home," Hayes said when he received his hamburger. "I’m about two hours from my house.”

Hayes hopped on his radio and reminded truckers on the road about the free food before leaving the travel plaza. He said it’s good to know their hard work behind the wheel is appreciated.

“I’m glad to be working, and glad to keep doing a great job to keep America moving," Hayes said.