Experience a virtual getaway with AAA

AAA offers travel events online to entertain and educate

RICHMOND, Va. – This stay-at-home order has many of us wishing for an escape to a beach to get away. Well, a new AAA virtual program plans to help you do just that.

AAA is inviting you to experience new places and cultures with just a click of a mouse. It’s part of the company’s virtual travel events.

For years AAA would have events in person to inform people on popular destinations and how to plan a trip there. Now it’s virtual.

Through pictures, videos and first-hand experience from travel professionals AAA takes you to Europe, the Caribbean, even places in the U.S.

“I am so ready to get back out there and re-plan everything that unfortunately had to be postponed during this pandemic. And so that bringing it to life and the beautiful photos and just having that human touch again and hearing about different cultures has been super exciting," says Amy Short, director of strategic partnerships and online sales.

The webinar isn’t just for entertainment.

While travel is a no-go right now, Short says they don’t know when the world will open back up, but they do know this is the time to plan for when we can.

These travel events are for members and non-members and are free.

Short explains they want everyone logging on to learn some insider travel tips like how significant travel agents really are.

Short says, “That’s one thing that we really learned throughout this process is that as the world started to change in the last couple of months. We had people out of the country and helped to get them home before the border closed, people who had to cancel and re-book vacations.”

There will be travel professionals on each webinar so you can ask questions.

Click here for a look at upcoming travel events and to RSVP.

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