‘Keep fighting’: Michigan woman spreads hope after coronavirus recovery

After beating coronavirus Adrian Williams shares her experience to bring awareness and hope

DETROIT, Mi. – In the midst of thousands testing positive for COVID-19, patients recovering are sharing their story to inspire hope.

One of them is Adrian Williams, an ICU nurse at a Michigan hospital. Williams treated positive patients for days until she tested positive for the virus.

Her symptoms got worse within the 14-day period and by day six she was in the hospital. Coronavirus combined with Williams’ asthma made it hard for her to breathe and she had a high heart rate.

10 News reporter Megan Woods is a close friend of Williams and says when they would talk on the phone, Williams would have a hard time speaking because of the shortness of breath.

Weeks later, Williams is grateful to be healthy, back at work and sharing her story to warn others to take precautions.

“I was sick and I hope nobody ever has to go through what I had to go through. Unless you want to be by yourself for 14 days feeling horrible, nobody can help you, nobody can visit you please stay at home, social distance.”

Williams says throughout the 14 days her symptoms new symptoms would arise and others would change. Getting her strength back has been a day-to-day process.

Now that she is feeling much better she wants to encourage others to get to that point.

“Keep fighting. What helped me get through this was the positive vibes, positive thinking and praying of course. I feel like if you get it you feel down and you’re like ‘oh I have this horrible disease, everybody is dying around me from it, not a lot of people are surviving.' If you have that mindset it won’t be good because it does takes a toll on you, you have to be a fighter from inside."

Williams wants to donate plasma to help people who are still sick fighting to get better.

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