Local photographer brings nationwide Front Steps Project to Lynchburg

Laura Beth Davidson is taking pictures of families in front of their homes for free

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A nationwide effort to help families document a historical time of social distancing has expanded here at home.

Local photographer Laura Beth Davidson has launched a Lynchburg chapter of “The Front Steps Project.”

In the last month, she’s gone to more than 60 families’ homes in Lynchburg and Forest to take their photo at their front door.

Davidson is doing it for free and just encourages people to donate to Miriam’s House, a local nonprofit that helps women and children experiencing homelessness in the Lynchburg area.

“Everyone is just so enthusiastic about it. They’ve all been so happy to meet someone new in the midst of this. I think getting out of their house and doing something different has been fun. They've all been really grateful, and it's lifted my spirits for sure,” Davidson said.

So far Davidson has raised close to $1,200.

To find out how you can get a family photo, click here.