'Show people God’s love’: Roanoke teenager baking bread for neighbors in need

17-year-old Caeli is firing up the oven for a good cause

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke teenager is heating up the kitchen to help her neighbors.

Her family noticed stores running out of food and decided to bake some bread and cinnamon rolls to help.

As it turns out, their efforts are doing much more than just feeding people.

The Frasier family kitchen is fired up, now a bakery serving up an old family recipe.

17-year-old Caeli is the bread maker.

“70 loaves a week,” Caeli said.

“She works Monday through Saturday,” Caeli’s mom Rebecca said.

Caeli is doing it all for her neighbors and others in need.

“We went to the store at the beginning of all this and bread was a little scarce, along with other things, but bread is what we could do,” Rebecca said.

They reached out to neighbors to offer loaves of bread at first. The baking then evolved into a few other items, like cinnamon rolls.

“Right away, we had orders. ‘I’ll take one or I’ll take five or I’ll take ten,’” Rebecca said.

The Frasiers are selling their products for $2 or giving them away for free. They’re delivered to people who are at-risk, but others pick them up in the driveway.

“They don't want to go out and have a chance of getting this virus,” Caeli said.

Many of their customers are not just feeding their own families, but paying it forward by giving loaves of bread to other people in need.

“People have texted us and said, ‘Do you know this person is on unemployment? Do you know? Can I take so and so bread? Or I’m buying 10 loaves and I’m going to give most of it away,’” Rebecca said.

Their project is now filling so much more than the pantry.

“We know people all over our neighborhood now and we know things they're going through and how we can pray for them and they've prayed for us,” Rebecca said.

A recipe of persistence, passion and the ingredients you won't find in a store.

“Just to bless people and show people god's love and that there are people out there that are just willing to love on them and help them out,” Caeli said.

Spreading kindness by baking bread until we can go back to breaking bread.

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