Three employees, one resident at South Roanoke Nursing Home test positive for COVID-19

Management says employees never had symptoms while inside facility


ROANOKE, Va. – South Roanoke Nursing Home announced on Monday night that to date, three employees and one resident have all tested positive for COVID-19.

The facility announced on Thursday that a certified nursing assistant (CNA) tested positive. On Monday, they announced that two nurses and a resident also tested positive.

In a letter to families and residents, management said the resident who tested positive was taken into hospital care within hours of having an elevated fever. Management later learned that a COVID-19 test for that resident came back positive.

Management said all three employees had “pre-illness” access to the facility. Staff members are screened before entering and upon leaving shifts, according to management. They said none of the employees who later tested positive had an elevated temperature or any symptoms associated with COVID-19 when they last left the facility.

The facility has established an isolated quarantine unit to care for residents who may have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Management said they have been in touch with families to provide updates on the situation.

South Roanoke Nursing Home is an American Healthcare facility.

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