The cubs are here: Black bears on the move in SWVA

Black bear sightings reported across the region

Feel Good VA: Bear family hits the road
Feel Good VA: Bear family hits the road

A number of black bear sightings have been reported across Southwest Virginia as we're entering the peak season for black bears to come out of hibernation and begin their search for food.

An amazing video was taken on Bent Mountain by Terry McKim of a mama black bear and her three cubs.

In fact, the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center in Roanoke and the Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro has seen an increase in the number of cub rescues.

[Read more about the rescue of a 3-pound cub from Buchanan County.]

Wildlife experts say it’s possible the population could be on the rise this spring. Amanda Nicholson with the Wildlife Center of Virginia says the population of cubs can often be cyclical, increasing every couple of years.

“It's definitely the time of year when bears are out and about and on the move. They are waking up from that winter denning period. cubs are out with mom trying to find food,” Nicholson said.

Currently, the WCV is caring for 8 black bear cubs.

“They started arriving since early this winter and have kept coming in. So, we will see what this year brings us. But it seems like it's going to be a busy year for black bears,” Nicholson said.

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