Christiansburg Subway employee uses stimulus check to buy lunches for low-income families

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – A Christiansburg woman is paying it forward the best way she can.

Kassie Wright, a mother of four who works at Subway, used half of her stimulus check to buy 153 lunches for families living in housing assistance at Warm Hearth Village.

Melanie Morris and Scott Hillyard are the owners of the Subway on N. Franklin Street where Kassie works. They helped her out when they heard about her idea. They agreed to sell her subs at a reduced rate.

Morris and Hillyard also split the cost with Wright so she could have some of her stimulus check left for herself and her family.

The lunches included a 6-inch sub, bag of chips and cookies. There was enough food so that the 153 residents in HUD-subsidized apartments in Warm Hearth Village got a meal.