Cooking in quarantine with popular new recipe exchange email

ROANOKE, Va. – Together with social media, email threads can cultivate connection and a sense of togetherness during this time.

Right now, countless people are benefiting through a new recipe exchange email.

Revisiting the kitchen, during an unseasoned time, the “Quarantine Cooking Recipe Exchange” is a popular new email chain.

“I just got an email from a group of women,” said Debby Doyle, of Roanoke.

"She sent me a really good one, I sent them one that my sister sent me, " said Caitlin Cheatham, who also lives in Roanoke.

“I received the recipe exchange from my college in Maryland,” said Brianna Gunter, who also lives in Roanoke.

These three Roanoke women are joined in a web extending far beyond this city.

"I ended up receiving recipes from people in Denver and Oklahoma, North Carolina, just across the country," Gunter said.

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