Roanoke area JDRF chapter furloughs entire staff due to COVID-19

Leaders say staffing changes necessary for research to continue

ROANOKE, Va. – The Greater Blue Ridge chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is furloughing its entire staff because of the coronavirus.

This comes after an unprecedented decline in revenue.

The nonprofit's market director Charlotte Kidd said they raise most of their money through events, so they've taken a huge hit.

She said the staffing changes are necessary for research to continue.

“We know there is 1.6 million Americans that are sitting back and still waiting for us to find a cure for type 1 diabetes because they live with it every day, so that’s what we have to keep remembering in all of this, is diabetes doesn’t stop and we can’t stop our research either,” Kidd said.

They hope the furloughs will last no more than two to three months.

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