Miss America adjusting to her role as queen in global pandemic

The Virginia Tech graduate and former Miss Virginia may be home bound, but still reigning

ROANOKE, Va. – Little girls dress up and pretend like they’re royalty in their bedrooms all the time, but for Miss America Camille Schrier, that’s become her new reality since the coronavirus pandemic.

The Virginia Tech graduate and former Miss Virginia may be homebound, but she’s still reigning.

When Schrier competed on the Miss America stage in a lab coat and heals, standing behind a science experiment that was about to explode, she had no idea she would be the perfect queen to reign in an upcoming global pandemic.

“Honestly, I am not surprised. I always do things a little bit differently, so it’s kind of on-brand for me to have a year that’s a little bit different,” said Schrier.

Schrier is the first woman to secure the crown with science as her talent.

The platform allows her to create STEM-related YouTube videos in her home for children stuck in theirs.

“If I can come in virtually and do some activities with them that's an awesome opportunity for me to actually reach more kids than what I would be able to do in person,” Schrier said.

She’ll likely continue virtual appearances for another six weeks, but saidbeing homebound has actually been a blessing in disguise.

“I really hope to leave an impact of someone that wasn’t afraid to take a risk, not afraid to do things different and not be afraid to just be a different kind of Miss America in quite literally every sense, because I feel like that’s what I’m kind of doing all the way back to the way I competed for Miss America to the way I’m now doing my job,” Schrier said.

She admits, at first, she didn't know how it was going to work - being Miss America at home.

But now, she's got the hang of it, learning how to light and shoot videos in her basement and upload them to a virtual stage much larger than the ones she's used to walking.

“When I'm done with Miss America and I can look back at all of this content that I have created that will live on long past my year as Miss America. That's something really special that a lot of Miss America's might not have been able to create,” said Schrier.

Miss America says on top of taping science experiments in her basement for children, she just finished recording her speech for Virginia Tech’s spring commencement.

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