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'The video is hilarious ... it makes you feel good’: Bedford County beekeeper goes viral

Heather Pointdexter’s TikTok, Facebook video shows a bee flying into hive, falling over

Local woman's video of bee goes viral
Local woman's video of bee goes viral

FOREST, Va. – A Bedford County woman has gone viral all bee-cause of a video she posted on TikTok and Facebook.

Heather Pointdexter, a beekeeper, posted a video of one of the bees flying right into the hive box and falling over.

The mother of two recorded a slow-motion video for her son who’s too young to be around the hives.

When she went back to watch it, she realized what happened then added the sound effect.

She posted it to TikTok and Facebook where it’s made thousands of people laugh.

“It’s been really great. I’ve gotten lots of messages from people all over the world saying thank you so much for the smile. The video is hilarious. So, it makes you feel good,” Pointdexter said.

Pointdexter and her husband are two years into beekeeping and lost a couple of hives in the winter. They hope their new wild bee colony will give them some good honey later in the year.