Local high school staff recognized for School Lunch Hero Day

School administration at Heritage High School gave staff flowers, cards

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Friday was School Lunch Hero Day across the country.

Closer to home, Lynchburg school officials at Heritage High School wanted staff to know they are appreciated.

School leaders said hundreds of cafeteria staff have worked tirelessly over the last several weeks to pack and prepare meals for thousands of students.

Lunch staff were given flowers and a card thanking them for their dedication.

Lynchburg City School staff were recognized for School Lunch Hero Day. (WSLS)

“They’ve developed a system that is just so smooth now where all the deliveries are done. Just the amount of time that they’ve devoted to these children is amazing and they need to be recognized for that,” said Jason Clark, assistant principal at Heritage High School.

Cafeteria workers and organizations packed enough food to last students throughout the weekend.