Neighborhood’s quarantine music video lifts spirits

FOREST, Va. – A neighborhood in Forest is dancing together while staying apart.

It’s the definition of homemade memories: A quarantine music video involving nine families in The Meadows neighborhood.

"We just drove around and whoever was outside we videoed them," said Missy Martin, editor of the video.

Like many things nowadays, it all came together with a post on Facebook.

“She said, ‘Hey I will video it if you will organize it’, and so I was like, ‘Done,’” said Jamie Bullman, who participated in the video.

Each family made up their own moves.

“I have two daughters. My oldest one choreographed it and she said, ‘Now mom, if we’re going to do it, we have to look good and we have to have our plan,’" Bullman said.

Martin mixed in the music.

“I put the music into it,” Martin said. “We did have the song playing while we were driving around.”

“We were even talking about perhaps doing it again,” Bullman said. “You never know.”

You can watch the full music video here:

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