Mill Mountain Zoo tries to stay afloat during pandemic

While closed during their busiest time of year the zoo focuses on new ways to raise money and support from the community

ROANOKE, VA. – Mill Mountain Zoo needs your help.

Due to the pandemic, the zoo was forced to close during what should be its busy season. With no revenue, the zoo is taking a devastating hit.

At least three major events have been canceled or postponed.

Losing admission revenue is one thing, but closing schools was another hard-hitting factor for the zoo.

“We make most of our revenue in March through the beginning of June. That’s our heavy field trip season, also outreaches. I take animals to school that time and so we know completely lost all of that revenue," says Bambi Godkin the educational manager at Mill Mountain Zoo.

The zoo created a GoFundMe account to raise $20,000. Since the end of March, they’ve raised more than $7,000. To donate, click here.

Another way to financially support is adopting an animal on their website. In return, you get extra information and pictures on your animal.

You can also buy the new Discover Virginia guide book. Currently available is a guide book for 3 to 5 year-olds and the zoo plans to release another guide for 6 to 8-year-olds soon. You can purchase a guide book for $5, here.

“It’s something that parents can take out with their kids and get them to learn about nature and getting active outside so that we just made available on our square store people can purchase those,” Godkin says.

While closed, the zoo is going through reconstruction for their new bear exhibit. The hope is it will be ready by the time the zoo can open up and welcome visitors again.

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