Virtual murder mystery entertainment made possible through local business

The company has shifted from in-person events to virtual ones

ROANOKE, Va. – You can still find ways to jump into mystery even while you’re at home.

The popular Roanoke-based murder-mystery event business is capitalizing on this virtual climate.

Sabrina East, who owns Jump Into Mystery, said she’s used to host four events each month for either private team-building or public entertainment.

However, at the beginning of March, she had to cancel eight in-person events due to the coronavirus.

That’s when a local church group reached out to see if she would do a virtual ladies night with them.

The success of that event helped her pivot to her current business model.

Now, she offers murder mystery events through Zoom.

Each participant is emailed their character in advance and then role-play their part over Zoom.

“Everyone is going to introduce themselves,” East said, “And tell us a little bit about who they are and how they fit in and then from there everyone is going to be prompted to ask different questions to interact and bring out some of the clues and figure out who did it!”

She also plans to start offering a printable game to retirement communities and nursing homes for free!

She said she just wants to give back and help with cognitive stimulation during this time of isolation.

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