Lynchburg sees increase in absentee voting, ‘close to a return of a presidential’

Registrar’s office received 3,300 absentee ballots back before deadline

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The pandemic is keeping a lot of people home, but it didn’t stop Lynchburg voters from casting their ballots for Tuesday’s local election.

Officials with the registrar’s office said they received 3,300 absentee ballots mailed back in by May 12.

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Officials said the numbers are getting close to what they saw in 2016.

The registrar’s office said counting the absentee ballots has kept them busy.

“The number of ballots they have been processing are close to a return of a presidential. So, it’s a lot more work for us here in the office, but I know that voters made that decision so they can stay home and feel like they are safe,” said Christine Gibbons, director of elections.

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