'It was great they brought their own towels’: Customers supporting local businesses rain or shine

LYNCHBURG, Va. – There were no customers dining on the outside patio in the rain at Rivermont Bierhaus Wednesday, but there were a few on Monday.

The owner, John Basten, told 10 News a couple celebrating their anniversary chose to eat there in the rain.

Most people may remember this Rivermont Bierhaus as Brauburgers. The restaurant recently rebranded during the pandemic and reopened over the weekend.

The owner said it was a success on Saturday and Sunday.

Customers are supporting Rivermont Bierhaus rain or shine amidst a pandemic. (Copyright 2020 by WSLS 10 - All rights reserved.)

Since it's been raining these last two days, they were worried people wouldn't show up, but clearly they were wrong.

“It was great they brought their own towels. They made a reservation. They wanted to come out in the rain and actually a couple of other people were here as well. So even rain or shine we have wonderful, loyal patrons who are supporting us during bad weather and COVID-19,” Basten said.

The restaurant is also expanding the outdoor patio 65-feet down the sidewalk.

The new table umbrellas have arrived and weather permitting, Rivermont Bierhaus hopes to have more people on its patio by this weekend.