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Sen. Tim Kaine meets virtually with Roanoke County leaders about COVID-19 concerns

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Senator Tim Kaine would have been in Roanoke County on Wednesday, if not for social distancing.

Instead, he decided to make a virtual visit through Zoom.

Kaine listened to Roanoke County leaders on how the coronavirus has affected the county.

The representatives from the county told Kaine Roanoke County had to cut its proposed budget by more than $11 million, and broadband access is not widespread enough to fully rely on telehealth and teleconferencing services.

Kaine said he's concerned the CARES Act funding Roanoke County received is too restrictive to make a large impact.

“We need the ability to use resources to backstop lost revenues, and the ability to use resources in flexible ways,” Kaine said. This incurred versus expended issue is an implementation challenge that we’ll go to work on.”

Roanoke County received more than $8 million from the CARES Act, but county leaders told Kaine they were unsure of the guidelines on how or where to spend the aid.

Kaine added the Senate may start negotiations on a follow-up stimulus bill next week.