BYO dining experience: How one man continues to eat-out during this pandemic

ROANOKE, Va. – It's a new take on eating out: providing your own dining at restaurants.

Roanoke residents, David Trask and his wife, haul a picnic table around in the back of their pick-up truck. Trask built it himself at the beginning of May and has since brought it with him to several different eateries where he tailgates in parking lots and welcomes friends to join.

He says he and his wife eat out two to three times a week and have been doing so for the past 15 years and now, more than ever, he believes their business matters.

"I think the main thing is to serve those who have served us,” Trask said, “The servers that at least that we know have been a part of our birthdays, anniversaries, all those celebrations and it was to give back to them directly. It's been good to see them."

Trask plans to continue doing this until things get back to normal. He also created a Facebook group called Restaurant Tailgaters Roanoke Chapter, where he encourages others to post pictures of their unique dining-out experiences.

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