Roanoke City Schools will start on August 18, other details remain undetermined

Transition and Restoration Task Force will make the decisions

Roanoke City Schools announce pay freeze for employees
Roanoke City Schools announce pay freeze for employees

ROANOKE, Va. – Similar to every other school division within Virginia, Roanoke City Public Schools are developing a plan for the upcoming school year.

For Roanoke schools, those decision will be made by the Transition and Restoration Task Force.

As of now, the only certainly for Roanoke City schools is that August 18 will be the start of the school year.

By the end of next week, Roanoke City schools plan to announce a schedule of planned communications so people will know when and how information related to reopening schools will be distributed.

Part of that plan includes a website for the Task Force that will be updated on a regular basis.

“Our coming school year will not look like anything that any of us has ever experienced before. We realize the stress and impact these decisions will have on you and your family,” wrote Superintendent Dr. Rita Bishop, along with task force members, in a letter sent to parents and the Roanoke City Public Schools community.

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