Paralyzed pup gets special wheelchair thanks to Angels of Assisi

Gia will eventually be available for adoption

ROANOKE, Va. – Seven-month-old Gia is loving life.

Cancer inside her spine has paralyzed her back legs, so she’s learning how to get around in a special wheelchair.

“(Her cancer) expanded and, for lack of a better word, ruptured her spinal cord,” said Angels of Assisi medical director Josette Richmond.

Gia started losing the use of her legs a couple of months ago.

Not able to care for her, Gia’s owners surrendered her to Angels of Assisi.

“Right now, it’s just letting her have the best life that she can. Pain management, good diet to keep her at an ample size so she can support herself,” said Richmond.

Angels of Assisi is hoping to break ground in about a month on a new shelter that will allow staff to provide more specialized treatment for pets.

“We can help animals like Gia with some thorough diagnostics right off the bat because sometimes time is very important to get animals treated,” said Angels of Assisi executive director Lisa O’Neil. “We could also help with rehabilitation and support for owners who might be going through something with your own pets like Gia is.”

In the meantime, Gia will spend her days at a local animal sanctuary until she’s ready to roll into her forever home.

“We are committed to taking care of her, and even more so, we are committed to learning from Gia’s case so that we can help other animals,” said O’Neil.

If you are interested in adopting Gia when she becomes available, click here.