Radford University preparing for students to return next month

Students returning from areas with high cases of COVID-19 may have to be tested before returning to campus.

RADFORD, Va – Colleges across the country are getting creative when it comes to a strategy to bring students back to campus this fall.

Radford University is among the many planning to bring back most, if not all, of its students.

Vice President for Student Affairs Susan Trageser said those returning from areas with high COVID-19 case counts will likely have to get tested upon returning to campus.

“We’ll have testing in place as students come back to campus but also for students who aren’t feeling well, we will also have symptom tracking that we will require students to do on a daily basis,” Vice President for Student Affairs Susan Trageser said.

As for student housing, the university has come up with a plan allowing those who have requested a single room to live alone. Only students who live in a certain residence hall will be allowed in to reduce the amount of people coming in and out.

“That gives us the opportunity to reduce the density in our buildings with our buildings we will also have guidelines in place where students will not be allowed to have overnight guests and we’re also limiting the amount of folks that can come into a building,” Trageser said.

Class sizes will be reduced to help students maintain a safe distance.

Any class with more than 100 students will likely be online only.

Trageser said it is a top priority of the administration to make sure students, faculty and staff can return to Radford safely this fall.

“It’s been really important to us because we know that their college experience is a critical part of their learning and their journey in life,” Trageser said.

Move-in days on campus have also been spread out to reduce potentially large crowds.

Classes are set to begin August 12.

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