Virginia Tech professor says Redskins name change sends message team is listening

Team will no longer be called Redskins

BLACKSBURG, Va. – The Washington Redskins’ name change will likely start a trend among sports teams, according to Virginia Tech professor Dr. Nnkea Logan.

“I also think it would be an important opportunity to open up dialogue so that we can so that we can bring more people into the conversation so people can learn and grow and perhaps maybe see the world a little bit differently,” said Logan.

Dr. Nneka Logan
Dr. Nneka Logan (WSLS)

The NFL team announced Monday the name will be changed.

For years, there have been calls for a name change because the name is seen by many as offensive, but the pressure has been stronger than ever the past few days in response to the nationwide push for society to be more sensitive to all races.

“I think it sends a message that, having reflected on this issue not just in recent times but this debate has been going on for years now, they have listened to their constituents, reflected on the issue and decided to make a change that is consistent with other changes that we see happening,” said Logan.

The team has not announced a new name.