Lynchburg Salvation Army opens cooling station amid heat advisory and COVID-19

Masks must be worn, temperatures will be checked before entry

LYNCHBURG, Va. – For the first time Monday, Lynchburg’s Salvation Army opened its doors to let people sit in air-conditioning and a low lit room due as temperatures topped out in the 90s.

“We know of some people in the streets and are exposed to the heat. So, we’re looking for them and anybody who we think may need our service,” Major Caleb Prieto said.

Prieto says the complimentary service also includes cold water and snacks.

But things do not look as they may have in the past.

“The COVID complicates thing,” Prieto said.

Masks and temperature checks are mandatory before anyone enters.

Hand sanitizer is available at the front doors and chairs are spaced out to keep a social distance.

“It limits a little bit the quality of the service, but we will try to do our best to provide a safe place for everybody,” Prieto said.

Officials with the Salvation Army will be checking the weather daily to see how long they can offer the cooling station service.

In the meantime—they are asking for the public’s help to keep it going.

“We are prepared to start with the service, but we welcome any donations of water, hand sanitizer, wipes things like that that will help us to keep anybody safe,” Prieto said.

If you want to donate contact them through Facebook or website.