Virginia Tech students being asked to self-isolate after mandatory coronavirus test

Those who test positive will be sent to a different room for isolation

BLACKSBURG, Va – The thousands of Virginia Tech students preparing to return to Blacksburg will be expected to quarantine for two weeks.

The announcement came as part of the university’s expanded reopening plans, which include how students can get a COVID-19 rapid test if they experience symptoms.

Almost 10,000 students who will be living on-campus this fall will receive rapid testing by appointment at Lane Stadium. A spokesperson for the university said the reopening plans aim to keep the campus and Blacksburg community healthy.

“We’re doing all this to try to create the safest environment possible, trying to do that to reduce any opportunity to spread COVID-19,” Virginia Tech Spokesperson Mark Owczarski said.

Students will start moving in Aug. 1 and will be asked to self-isolate in their dorms until they receive their test results back.

Anyone living on-campus who tests positive will be sent to a different room for isolation or back to their permanent address if possible.

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