Lynchburg neighborhood centers to become Wi-Fi hubs for students without internet access

Lynchburg city school students start remote classes on Aug. 24

WiFi available in neighborhood centers across Lynchburg
WiFi available in neighborhood centers across Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG, Va. – In just two weeks, Lynchburg students will start their virtual classes.

The city is looking to help families who don’t have internet access.

Charlotte Lester is the manager for the neighborhood centers for Lynchburg Parks and Recreation. She said the centers will become Wi-Fi hubs for students who need to get their work done and play outside.

Organizers said the centers will become academic zones with tents, tables and chairs spaced out for the children.

“And we realize education is a shared value that we have with the city schools. So really our purpose is to support our families, our neighborhoods and to support education,” Lester said.

Starting Aug. 24, students can bring their Chromebooks to do their work Monday thru Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We’ll have tents and tables and chairs available for them to space out and to connect. We’ll also have play activities for the kids either individual activities or small groups,” Lester said.

Snacks and meals will be provided for those who participate.

Below is a list of the five of six centers available to the students:

• College Hill Center Park | 811 Jackson ST

• Daniels Hill Center Park | 317 Norwood ST

• Diamond Hill Center Park | 1005 Seventeenth ST

• Jefferson Park Center Park | 405 York ST

• Fairview Heights Center Park | 3621 Campbell AVE