Virginia Military Institute starts school year with new precautions in place

VMI currently has no active coronavirus cases

LEXINGTON, Va – Virginia Military Institute is changing its operations for the upcoming school year as cadets begin to return to post.

Several changes have been put into place when it comes to training new students.

The university has no active coronavirus cases as of Friday, but as the rest of the military institute returns next week, staff are closely screening them for COVID-19.

“We know the rest of the corps is coming so we’re taking the approach of, it’s not a matter of if it, but when, and when it does happen, we will work our plan and be very aggressive about isolating and quarantining,” said VMI Spokesperson Bill Wyatt.

Cadets are not allowed to leave post at VMI once they arrive to help isolate any potential spread from the community. VMI will reconsider that restriction in September.

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