Salem celebrates end of concert series that almost didn’t happen

Pandemic put a major wrench in city’s annual Salem After 5 concert series

SALEM, Va. – On Friday, the city of Salem closed its annual Salem After 5 concert series out that looked a little different than usual due to the pandemic.

Salem After 5 is usually at the farmer’s market, but they moved it to the Red Sox stadium this year to provide plenty of space for people to spread out and still have fun.

Local band Domino played all the classics for a crowd enjoying the first of our cool fall nights.

They limited it to just three shows this year, but city leaders said they’re happy they could pull it off at all.

“People really enjoy it, they’re looking for something to do, we give them a place, they come out, there are live music food and drinks, you can’t beat it," Chris Stanger of Salem Parks and Recreation said.

Half of the proceeds from ticket sales are donated to local non-profits. This year obviously had a smaller take, but they estimate they’ll be sharing $3,500 with the community.

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