Thousands of Virginia volunteers sign up to distribute COVID-19 vaccine

VDH approved 1,200 applications for onboarding

ROANOKE, Va. – After a state call for volunteers Friday, 2,100 health professionals are stepping up to the plate to distribute coronavirus vaccines.

The Virginia Department of Health approved 1,200 applications for the onboarding process.

However, 330 volunteers have completed the core requirements and are ready to administer vaccines.

The volunteer coordinator for the state, Jennifer Freeland said, “Volunteers are required to complete an online knowledge and in-person skills assessments to verify vaccination competency. The time can vary according to the volunteer’s experience. The COVID vaccine training is being released soon.”

Freeland said she is in the process of assigning teams for deployment as they wait for training.

“Because the vaccine was delivered, we are waiting for that training piece,” she said. “Making sure that we have the vaccinators that are competent and that are trained and qualified.”

Each volunteer will wear personal PPE, including an N95 mask measured to fit snug on their face. A practice volunteers have done since the beginning of the pandemic.

If any health professionals are interested in helping, the Medical Reserve Corps is still taking applications.

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