Carilion experts urge people to stay vigilant during holidays as vaccines are distributed

Wearing masks and practicing social distancing is as important as ever, health experts say

ROANOKE, Va. – Just days away from Christmas, local doctors are urging you not to let your guard down when it comes to COVID-19.

As vaccines roll out, experts at Carilion say it’s more important than ever to be extra cautious by continuing to wear masks, practice social distancing and avoid large gatherings.

Many people are concerned about news of a highly-contagious strain of the coronavirus in the UK, but Carilion’s Chair of Medicine, Dr. Paul Skolnik said there’s still a lot we don’t know.

“These sets of mutations may, and I emphasize may, increase contagiousness between people, transmissibility between people. It’s also possible that lack of precautions, mask wearing, social distancing, not getting together in big groups could also be at play here,” said Skolnik.

Carilion continues vaccinating its priority health care workers.

In the last week, they’ve used about 75% of the initial Pfizer allotment.

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