Group of Roanoke natives pays off Christmas gifts for struggling families

ROANOKE, Va. – Due to the pandemic, some families may not be able to buy Christmas gifts this year — but a group of Roanoke natives is changing that by paying one receipt at a time.

Nearly 50 families shopped for holiday gifts at Walmart on Tuesday night and didn’t have to pay a dime.

Eleven community members paid out of pocket to help provide families a holiday miracle in this tough year.

The organizers set a budget for each family based on how many children they have, allotting $65 per child.

“I’ve been here a long time,” said Jonathan Lomax, the organizer of the Family Giveaway. “I mean, I have seen almost everything here. So anything I can do to help the community and show them love, that’s what I am willing to do.”

An extra 60 families are on the waiting list and Lomax plans to help them until funds run out.

Lomax tells 10 News this may be the start to a new holiday tradition.

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